Brayden, Luke, Zoe and Jake of Minor Emergency are ready to put on a fantastic show just for your event.  We love classic rock, rock n roll, country music, blues or whatever music you love...we can build a set around it.  The band loves to be involved in charitable events, events that support music for kids, big community events, parties and all of our local venues from the Hard Rock Hotel to the McCallum....everything in between.  Minor Emergency is ready!

"Truly, it is something to witness...  Young musicians, so passionate about music and delivering with the expertise of an adult. They make heads turn EVERY time I have seen them play and they do not disappoint.  I have and will book them again and again for new audiences.  They have really built a name for themselves and are in demand!  Love, Love, Love!"

-Kate Spates

"I was shocked out of my mind the 1st time seeing Minor Emergency. These 4 tiny tots up on stage playing like Rock Stars. Great energy, great stage presence. I think if taken in the right direction these kids definitely have a future in the music business. Plus the drummer's a beast!!"

-Phil Lacombe, Coachella Valley Weekly Magazine


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How does this band look on stage?

Who is this band?

Minor Emergency is a band of 12-15 year old musicians who play classic rock music.  Brayden, Zoe, Luke and Jake are all local to the Desert and have spent the last few years performing frequently at all types of venues throughout the Coachella Valley.  (See past events on their webpage)  

Each member of Minor Emergency has a captivating personality that shines through on stage.   

Zoe is our incredible keyboardist and singer.  Fearless and so talented, her vocals are ready to tackle any style from Blondie to Rush.   Zoe plays tuba, trombone and classical piano.  She is involved with the local symphony and advanced band at her school.  Zoe is excited to perform any song the band wants to tackle next and is the daughter of an incredible musician, teacher and band director, Mikael Jacobson of BassLine Music. 
Brayden brings her incredible voice to the band in addition to being the bassist.  She loves to play country music on her acoustic electric guitar and enjoys all of the classic rock songs she gets to belt out on stage.  Brayden plans times for the band to get together to have fun beyond just the music!
Luke is the drummer not to be missed.  Not only is he a fantastic drum player, but Luke has this rocking long red ringlet hair that really should be considered the 5th member of the band.  With baited breath, the regular fans wait for him to get his head rocking at each performance.  After each show, he spends time signing autographs and taking photos with fans.
Jake is our incredible guitarist and vocalist. Jake also plays electric bass for DTension Band, double bass in the local symphony and piano.  Jake understands music so quickly loves to help his band mates when tackling new songs.  He loves to surprise Zoe, Brayden and Luke with a jump or something entertaining on stage to bring their energy up to a new crazy level.  Jake performs his incredible guitar solos that inspire a roar from the audience every time.  
Minor Emergency is not only a solid band that draws a crowd....they are a great representation of music here in the Desert.  Jake, Luke, Zoe and Brayden each have an incredible story to tell and bring their own uniqueness to the band which gels so well as a group.  Minor Emergency has played several shows that started out with a small audience and were able to draw in a full crowd as people heard their great sound! They have enjoyed playing all types of events and venues for example: The McCallum Open Call Finalist Show, Paint El Paseo Pink, Big Rock Pub, The Hood, Hard Rock Hotel, Pappy & Harriet's, The City of Palm Springs events, The City of La Quinta events, Annual Fall Family Festival, private parties and many more.
Brayden, Zoe, Luke and Jake would love to put together a great set list for your event!  Below you will find a link to a one sheet overview.  In addition, please look around our website as well as our Facebook page.  Please look at their videos, click the links for Facebook, YouTube, and review their list of shows (clicking the past events as we had a full season the last few years and are just beginning to book our 2018 season.)
Thank you for your time in visiting the Minor Emergency website.  Should you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us at 760-565-2263 or booking "AT" minoremergencyband "DOT" com .  We are excited for all opportunities and hope to be a part of your next event.
Cherise Sonderman
Band Manager, Minor Emergency Band
Mikael Jacobson of BassLine Music
Band Director, Minor Emergency Band

Join our Facebook or mailing list so that Zoe, Brayden, Luke and Jake can keep you up to date on when they are performing and other exciting news!



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What do they look like?

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The 5th Member of the Band...
Flying Rockin' Red Locks

The 5th Member of the Band... Flying Rockin' Red Locks

Img 3642
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

111 Music Festival
Dec 3, 2016

111 Music Festival Dec 3, 2016

111 Music Festival
On The Stage

111 Music Festival On The Stage

111 Music Festival
On A Bus

111 Music Festival On A Bus

Luke and Brayden
at Stagecoach 2016

Luke and Brayden at Stagecoach 2016

La Quinta Fall Family Festival 2017

La Quinta Fall Family Festival 2017

Rockin' at the Soccer Park

Rockin' at the Soccer Park

Faith Community Church

Faith Community Church

MAKE -Coachella Valley Art Scene

MAKE -Coachella Valley Art Scene